6 months in: A myriad of meetings and mojitos! #LifeofLauren #LifeofISE

About me!

Hi, I’m Lauren.
I graduated last summer from the University of Exeter after spending the last 3 years studying Politics and International Relations. Going to university in the South West is something I would highly recommend to anyone that loves living in flip flops, beaches, cider, and surfing. Whilst the laid-back lifestyle was incredible, I wanted to try something slightly different, and so I was sure of one thing when I left uni - I wanted to move to London.

After graduating, I went back home and began my London job search. I had friends in recruitment that had told me all about the fast paced nature of the industry, and how great it was working with so many different people, so I decided to give it a whirl. I signed up with a recruitment agency for recruiters, they sent me to ISE Partners, and here I am!

So I had my ideal job, but it took a while before I took the plunge and moved to London. I finally moved and cut my commute time by two thirds in December – leaving me with time to actually enjoy my time in London, instead of living my life on the Central Line, a place I’m sure we all know and loathe. Whilst the fresh air of Cornwall is something to be desired, it’s refreshing living somewhere where places are open past 8pm.

Why ISE?

As a candidate, I was particularly fond of my interviewing experience with ISE Partners, because it was clear that the team here worked with integrity and knew their industry sector extremely well, and it was definitely clear that there was a super supportive team atmosphere. And the transition into becoming a consultant has only confirmed these initial thoughts!

Having such a keen team focus within the rollercoaster world of recruitment is invaluable. We work together to keep each other motivated – whether that’s through mini incentives from when Rochelle raided our local Boots, popping to our local bar after work for THE BEST mojitos, winning employee of the month, or through booking a string of visits for #GalsDay!

Another great thing about ISE is, of course, our candidates! Getting to meet and work closely with such bright, driven, and personable people on a daily basis is so inspiring and rewarding. As much as working with people is often unpredictable, it makes placements all the more satisfying – especially when you know you’ve helped someone find their perfect role.

The first 6 months…

I’ve been a consultant at ISE for six months now (time flies!) and the training and support has been fantastic – I’m definitely excited for what the next six months will bring. I have learnt to deal with the ups and downs of recruiting, and thoroughly enjoy the challenge. The first few months have been hard work – I have learnt that organisation is EVERYTHING. Being a 360 consultant is similar to trying to keep a litter of puppies in a basket, you have to keep your eye on everything and make sure you are constantly keeping in touch with candidates and clients, as well as trying to source new business – the wriggliest of breeds, but definitely the most rewarding to catch!

Keeping on top of everything is a challenge, but I have definitely seen a change in the way I handle situations in the last six months, and I’m intrigued to look back again in another six.

Going forward

I’m excited to carry on working here at ISE, to develop my industry knowledge, to continue working with exceptional candidates and clients, and to continue working with a fantastic team of inspiring women that provide unparalleled support. #GoTeam!

Contact us

If this inspires you to join our team, please contact Susannah Lawson; 0207 183 0825 or email Susannah.lawson@isepartners.com