We are so pleased to see an increase in permanent placings at ISE Partners, which is hopefully a sign of an improving job market. We are also delighted as it means we are making more donations to “Book Love”.

Book Love, is a multicultural online book store set up by Samantha Williams. Their “BookLove-in-a-box” campaign, was started to give free packages of multicultural books to schools. This is so important to ensure representation for all children. Seeing themselves reflected in the books they read gives a genuine sense of belonging, inspires reading and ensures they have positive role models. Representation is so important for a child’s sense of self and future possibilities, and for white children to see diversity from an early age, is very important too.

At ISE we have pledged to make a donation to the multicultural books for schools campaign for every placements we make. Such a fantastic cause, and wonderful to know we are helping to make a change.

You can find out more about Book Love, their mission, and how you can help make a difference on their website at