Increasing Productivity: How To Thrive In The Working Environment


When it comes to succeeding in the high-pressure world of commerce, many leading psychologists and business analysts are agreed upon one thing: personal productivity is paramount. The most successful business leaders have a tendency to create structures where increasing productivity in less time than their competitors is possible. In this article we’ll take a look at some invaluable productivity tips for EAs – some obvious, and some not so straightforward.

Happiness can, and does, contribute towards a job well done

Whilst productivity is arguably one of the most important attributes for any employee, this isn’t to say that flogging a team into the ground is the most effective means of achieving the most efficient business practices, quite the opposite, in fact. Studies suggest that the overall happiness and job satisfaction of employees, particularly those in demanding positions, pays dividends in terms of overall productivity.

Striking a balance

The notion of “rewarding” employees may seem Pavlovian; yet it’s difficult to argue with the figures. Repeated research, undertaken by psychologists and economists alike, has found recurring positive correlations between happiness and success in the workplace, and one doesn’t have to look far to see such examples in action. Some of the world’s largest companies, such as tech giants Google and Apple, provide a myriad of perks for staff in order to create a positive environment. The success of both over the course of the past decade should be proof positive enough to executives that greater levels of happiness do not necessarily equate to greater levels of distraction.

Maintaining a clear focus

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to be more productive is to block out any unnecessary distractions. In a world where we’re all in a state of constant connection, it’s sometimes vital to stay focused on the task at hand. Although technology undoubtedly plays an important role in facilitating business, it’s all too often a stumbling block. Try to avoid procrastinating via smartphones and tablets, if it’s too difficult, there are a number of apps out there which can help to monitor productivity and help individuals to become more self-accountable.

Early to bed, early to rise

It may seem like a cliché, but research shows that early mornings can make all the difference. Many of the most successful CEOs begin their working day before 6am, and regardless of your current position, it could benefit you too. Early mornings require a certain degree of motivation, and motivation is often half the battle when it comes to effective working practices.

Learn from your mistakes

Nobody is perfect, and errors happen from time to time. The key is to evaluate what went wrong, understand how things could be improved and practically implement your conclusions in the workplace, whether in daily activities or during a particular task. Be unafraid of criticism, and refer back to the correlation between happiness and productivity in order to help you regain the confidence to succeed.

Till next time,

Isobel Burns