Getting the Most Out of Your Induction Programme for New Hires


Managers can sometimes forget just how daunting the first few days in a new job can be. You’re battling nerves yet trying to appear confident; attempting to be warm and friendly but without appearing unprofessional or over-eager; learning to do your new job but also grappling with the minutiae of office life — from how the photocopier works to where the teabags are kept.   Even seemingly confident new employees are juggling a great deal and will benefit from a formal induction programme.

What’s more, an effective induction process is good for the entire company, promoting greater effectiveness, improved relationships and a stronger team overall. In this article I’ll look at why induction matters, including a few tips on how best to welcome your new team member.

It Guarantees Structure

Many companies rely on ad hoc induction processes, expecting existing staff members to show their new colleagues the ropes. This is an ineffective approach for many reasons. It can cause both sides to feel uncertainty and awkwardness, it almost inevitably leaves knowledge gaps and it can lead new employees to feel undervalued and old employees to feel used. To avoid all of this, dedicate some time to developing an effective, structured induction that can be rolled out every time someone new joins the team. Consult with existing staff to discover and address what they found most challenging and don’t forget the basics, like explaining the company email network or providing a health and safety briefing. With a fixed structure, everyone knows where he/she stand and your new hire gets a positive first impression.

It Promotes Strong Office Relationships

Research consistently shows that bad relationships between colleagues, or between employees and managers, are a leading cause of workplace stress and employee turnover. Unfortunately, there’s no way to absolutely protect against personality clashes, but an effective orientation reduces the likelihood that conflict will occur.  As part of your induction programme arrange a team lunch or other social activity. This allows colleagues to get to know each other outside the confines of their work, which in turn creates a more comfortable working environment.

It Creates a Positive Impression

It’s been said that a person’s first impression is their only impression. The experience your new employees have in their first week will knock-on throughout their time in the company, in terms of company loyalty and engagement, professional satisfaction and personal productivity. A standardised, high-quality induction process ensures that every employee gets off to the right start.

Your New Hire Can Achieve From the Outset

Hiring is a major investment for any organisation and it can be a time-consuming process, but a good induction process minimises the impact; with the additional benefit of getting people up to speed faster. If you effectively welcome a new staff member, you can instantly involve him or her in the operations of the company. Establish a process whereby new hires, as well as attending training and meetings, immediately take on straightforward but important tasks. This ensures that they feel valuable and trusted in the office, as well as enhancing your team’s productivity.

Till next time,

Isobel Burns