3 Key Ways To Sell Your Organisation To The Perfect PA


In today’s competitive business world, hiring a high calibre and specialist PA is a shrewd business decision. With a wide range of skills and capabilities, a good PA will add value to your organisation by helping to make your top executives more productive and effective. With exceptional candidates in demand more than ever before, it is crucial that your company does everything in its power to attract the best and brightest talent.

First-class PAs want to work for ambitious, dynamic companies that are looking to the future. It’s important that you get this message across to potential candidates. The most effective way of achieving this is to create an EVP (employee value proposition). This is an employee-centred way of portraying what the candidate receives from your company in return for; their work, experience, skills, qualifications and capabilities.

Potential candidates will have a variety of factors to consider when deciding which job is for them. Three of the most common are listed below. If your company can engage with these and build a strong employee value proposition, then you will find recruiting the perfect PA much easier.

Encourage, recognise and reward achievement

It is vital that your company encourages, recognises and rewards achievement in order to recruit and retain the very best PAs. They will be one of the best qualified and most ambitious employees in your organisation and will not be happy to sit back and work in their comfort zone. They will want to stretch themselves, drive the company forward and achieve results. Give them the opportunity to develop in their role through relevant training and development and envision a realistic career map that they can aspire to.


Top quality talent is driven by more than just money, but salary will always play an important role in attracting the best. This means offering a salary based on market realities. If you want to employ the best, you’re going to have to pay top-rates. The exceptional PAs are never short of job offers, so it is important not to price yourself out of the market by offering a below market rate salary.

Work/Life Balance

A good PA will be flexible to the demands of the business, which may include long hours, early mornings, late nights or long periods working away from home. Recognise and reward this flexibility by being responsive and flexible with your PA’s needs. Promoting a healthy work/life balance will not only help you recruit exceptional staff, it will help you retain them as well.

Hiring a high-calibre PA will be one of the most important decisions you will make in business. The right executive PA will make your business more focussed, organised and efficient, and will be a key factor in helping drive your business to the next level. Taking the time to ensure your business will attract the best and brightest will make the recruitment process quicker, easier and secure you a PA that will be a valuable asset to your company.

Till next time,

Isobel Burns