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Tuesday 1st October 2019

Brexit Readiness:  A Breakfast Seminar with ISE Partners & KPMG, 20 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair


Our two lead speakers from KPMG will be:


David Slater

David is Director of Trade, an expert in international trade and investment, and key advisor on succeeding in a changing global trading environment.


Punam Birly

Punam heads the Employment & Immigration practice, including leafing Global Employment Companies Practice and is an International and EU Social Security Specialist.


An interactive session, where questions and comments are welcome, we will be exploring some key issues around:

Workforce & Immigration

Changes to UK immigration rules will necessitate changes to the way that a business approaches the attraction and retention of staff at all levels. When considered against the backdrop of record levels of employment, an increase in overall staff costs is probable.  Even if your levels of EU or foreign workers are low, other businesses and competitors may seek to attract your staff to fill their gaps resulting in wage inflation and cost increases. Fluctuations in the value of sterling may also impact the attractiveness of the UK as a place for foreign workers.  Retention is therefore key and communicating proactively to staff will play an increasingly important role.  The EU may also change the way it treats business travellers from the UK which may necessitate change to your approach to mobility.



Brexit may mean you, your supplier or your clients are not able to perform the contract you have agreed. This may be due to the loss of a licence or authorisation you/they need.  More likely, some of the changes to the commercial and economic landscape within which this relationship sits will alter the risk/benefit balance of the contract. Where margins are significantly impacted, end customer demand changes or competitive pressures change, you or your supplier/client may want to review pricing, reduce volumes, or even exit the contract.  Reviewing your contracts against this scenario is important to protect your relationships, ensure business continuity and manage risk.  You probably have many contracts (whether written or not) and will need to prioritise where to start. Where you have an in-house legal team, they may not have the capacity to do this effectively.



Leaving the EU changes the tax environment both in terms of direct corporate tax and for indirect taxes such as tariffs, duties and VAT.  Other disruptions to the business environment will also result in changes to business models; this is, therefore, an opportune time to review company structures and tax arrangements and seek tax efficiencies that increase competitiveness.

Business Strategy

There is little doubt that Brexit could cause significant disruption to the UK and European business environment.  It is one of many potential disruptive factors over the next few years, e.g. low consumer and business confidence, rising competition from new, innovative and agile business models, trade wars and increasing protectionism are all threats.  Experience suggests there are three phases to both managing and taking advantage of disruption to the business environment:

  • Stability – ensuring the business is able to continue.
  • Cost management and profit improvement – using the opportunity to focus on efficiency and releasing funding for investment.
  • Growth – getting ahead of the competition through increased productivity and driving profitable sales.

Tuesday 1st October

8.30am, for 8.45am start (1 hour - 90 minute session)

KPMG Number Twenty

20 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair

London, W1K 4QJ


To confirm your attendance, please email


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