Ally Robertson

Trainee Consultant (Temporaries Division)

We are delighted that Ally has joined ISE Partners to work in our thriving and growing temporaries secretarial division.

A University of Manchester Sociology graduate (2:1), Ally has always been interested in people, socio-political perceptions and social construction – her keen and inquisitive mind has already begun to serve her well in her chosen field of recruitment. 

With an interest in people and business alike, Ally has already shown herself to be a shrewd talent-sourcer, and has made some important client connections across her sectors of interest – both the highly corporate, demanding fields of finance and investment and also in alternative sectors such as revolutionary, tech-focused consumer brands. 

She brings to ISE a strong sense of team, having been a part of one of the university’s sales division throughout her studies, mentoring her peers in executing challenging alumni sales,

With a keen interest in travel, film and art, she is ready to explore London for work and leisure.

Tel: +44 (0) 20 3861 1263