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ISE Partners and Pertemps Network Group prioritises DE&I work to ensure we maintain a workplace where everyone can be the best version of themselves while using our unique tapestry of cultures to drive the business forward. We encourage discussion among colleagues and have a year-round programme of work to highlight inclusive practices. This is led by our Employee Resource Group (ERG), which Susannah Lawson is a member of.

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A message from the ISE Partners Directors

Susannah Lawson - Founder & Director

DE&I ranks highly on our agenda at ISE Partners, both as a company with our own employees, and as a group of recruiters who have a responsibility to represent diverse talent to our clients. Creating an inclusive workplace where everyone can be themselves, feel supported and encouraged to give their own ideas is very important to me. There is always more we can learn and understand, and open our eyes to the experiences of others. Our clients want access to diverse talent, our team want an inclusive culture in the workplace and so we are inspired and driven to act and do our part. As a member of the Pertemps ERG, I also play an active part in the development and decisions made by the wider Pertemps company, which has developed my own understanding and demonstrates my commitment as a leader.

Zach Mobley - Associate Director, Temporary Division

DE&I in a company is so important for more reasons than I can list. As an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, being able to be your true self at work is something I am very passionate about. From seeing yourself represented, to knowing that a company is accepting of people from different groups, and that accessibility requirements are never seen as an issue or inconvenience - it is so important to us that we break down the barriers between highly skilled people, and amazing jobs. So much work to do – and I am so fortunate to be a part of ISE – working to help improve the way companies recruit and retain staff.

Why is DE&I important at Pertemps & ISE Partners?

Members of our Employer Resource Group (ERG), talk about why DE&I is important to them, why they got involved with the group and how important it is to shaping Pertemps work going forward.

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