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Beating Burnout: Workplace Wellness Strategies

To celebrate International Women's Day, ISE Partners held a fantastic event on 7th March 2024 at the The AllBright, Mayfair. It was such a positive morning, wonderful to see some familiar and new faces, but most of all a chance to take a few hours out, and spend some uplifting time together. A room full of women and a thought provoking topic, provided some much needed positive energy!

We discussed the topic of Managing Burnout, with fantastic speakers Kate Hogan and Sophie O'Kelly from Self Space. Our takeaways:

💛 Control
Be mindful of what you can and can't control. Make time to ensure you prioritise the things you can control, for your own wellbeing. For example, what you eat to positively sustain energy/how you feel, exercise or going for a walk, what you spend your (free) time on.
💛 Boundaries
Start by defining what is most important to you, spend more time on this and practice saying no. This can be a negotiation/conversation, it doesn't have to mean a straight "No".
Choose discomfort (e.g. declining an invitation) over resentment.
Think about your goals, and ensure you are factoring these in when responding to other invitations. This way you are more likely to achieve them, without holding resentment.
💛 Understanding Resilience
Having a strong internal network to support demanding workloads is important. Do you have a broad enough team and are they structured to provide practical support to one another. Having the understanding that even during high pressure times, this will pass, can be effective.

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