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Client Roundtable Series - Navigating the Hybrid vs. In Office Working Landscape in 2024

ISE Partners is excited to have launched a new roundtable series, a platform for open dialogue and insightful discussions on a range of topics pertinent to hiring managers in the investment sector and professional services.

Our first session took place at the start of February, discussing:

Navigating the Hybrid vs. In-Office Working Landscape in 2024

Here we delved into the complexities of hybrid work and provide insights and strategies for successfully navigating this landscape.

The main points covered:

  • The hybrid working model is still very much present in many investment and professional services firms, however there is a definite move to increase days in office to 4 or 5 days in.
  • Where changes had not yet been implemented, there was a sense that an increase in days in office, would be coming soon.
  • Changes have been best implemented by a top down directive, with a clear message.
  • Those embracing and not changing the hybrid working model, are using new technology platforms to ensure strong interaction between colleagues.
  • Defined anchor days are important to ensure collaboration and developing company culture.

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