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Co-Founder and Director

Eva Rode-Hilbert

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As a Co-Founder and Director of ISE Partners, Eva is a highly accomplished and extensively networked senior leader within the senior executive support and management recruitment industry. Eva carries over 20 years experience during which time she has built a name for herself and her firm; regularly recommended by Founders, HR Directors and Industry Leaders as the go-to recruiter for a C-Suite EA, Operations or Chief of Staff hire. Eva has built a trusted network with candidates often re-approached as the sole trusted recruitment professional for their continued career progression. 

ISE Partners’ consultants are fortunate enough to learn from Eva’s experience through her in-house training courses, which ensure her in-depth investment sector/corporate knowledge and detailed recruitment practices permeate through the business.

Eva’s career journey took off in the fast-paced world of internet start-ups before she discovered her true calling in recruitment in 2001. At one of London's premier support staff recruitment agencies, Eva cultivated a passion for engaging with driven PAs and Executive Assistants across the professional services and financial sectors. Her experience spans working with prestigious investment banks, management consultancies, and numerous investment funds and portfolio companies.

In 2007, her vision to bridge the gap between global corporations and boutique firms led to the birth of ISE Partners. She envisaged a recruitment service that melds the best of both worlds, offering tailored solutions that cater to entities of all sizes and diverse requirements.

Eva brings a unique lens to her work with her academic background in Biology from University College London, giving her an analytical and detail-oriented approach to recruitment. Adding another feather to her cap, she is also a certified NLP Practitioner, utilising this to understand and communicate effectively with clients and candidates alike.

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