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Reading the Room: Signs Your Interviewer Has Lost Interest and How to Fix It 🚀

By Jacquie Lewis  • 

Interviews are more than a conversation; they're a dance of perceptions and impressions. Sometimes, steps might be misread, or the rhythm falls out of sync. Here are five signs your interviewer may be losing interest and how to get back on track:

Distracted Gaze and Responses: If the interviewer’s eyes wander, they keep looking down, or their responses are monotonous, check-in and make sure you’re actually answering what’s being asked of you. Don’t waffle, engage them with clear, concise answers and interesting real-world experiences.

Frequent Interruptions: Does your interview keep being disrupted? Politely pause, then ask if there's a better time to continue. Be respectfully assertive, not pushy.

Lack of Future Talk: No mention of the next steps? Time for some initiative! Ask about the hiring timeline and express your continued enthusiasm.

Criticism and Feedback: Embrace critique as an opportunity for growth. When faced with criticism during an interview, take a deep breath, listen carefully, demonstrate your willingness to learn, and show how you can adapt to address their concerns. By remaining open and receptive to feedback, you convey your resilience and illustrate your commitment to personal development.

Disconnection through Body Language: If your interviewer is portraying detached body language such as leaning away or crossing arms, try using open, inviting body language to draw them back in. Maintain eye contact, lean slightly forward, nod to show understanding, and use hand gestures to emphasize your points. By adopting a warm and engaged posture, you can encourage a more positive atmosphere and help foster connection.

Remember, if despite your best efforts, the interview doesn’t improve, it's okay to end it gracefully. A phrase such as, "I appreciate the opportunity for us to meet, and I look forward to keeping in touch," can leave a positive impression even in a challenging situation. Every interaction is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Keep going and remember: Each stumbled step brings you one dance closer to the perfect rhythm. Stay resilient! 

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