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Temporary Workers Rights

By Zach Mobley  • 

Navigating temporary workers’ rights can be perplexing. What temporary rates do you need to pay, and are other benefits like a lunch allowance applicable? While at ISE Partners we are able to offer accurate and honest salary surveys that directly relate to support staff in the Alternative Investment & Professional Services Sector (contact details below) - there are also important regulations which dictate certain rights for temporary workers, including pay.

The Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (AWR), simply put, ensure that temporary workers are treated fairly.

If temporary workers aren’t receiving comparable pay and services to permanent members of staff, you may not be in line with the regulations.

Let’s break down the rules - there are two different levels of entitlement:🗓️ Day 1, and after 12 weeks.

From the first day of an assignment temporary workers are entitled to the same rights as permanent staff to use any shared facilities and services provided by the employer, for example:

A canteen or food and drinks machines


A workplace creche or baby room

Car parking or transport services, like a local pick-up service or transport between sites

If anyone ever says “you can’t use that because you’re a temp” there’s a strong chance they could be wrong!

After 12 weeks, the level of entitlement increases, as workers now qualify for the same rights as someone employed directly. This is known as ‘equal treatment’.

Rights include:

‘Equal pay’ - the same pay as a permanent colleague doing the same job.

Automatic pension enrolment.

Paid annual leave at the same level as permanent employees.

How the time is counted, and further information can be found online here:

Please reach out to one of our amazing temporary team at ISE Partners who can assist in making sure you are hiring fantastic temporary workers along with the entitlements they a) deserve, and b) are entitled to!

Contact Imani or I today to discuss! We are always here to help.

Zach Mobley (he/him)

Associate Director

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