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Executive Consultant

Jacquie Lewis

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  • Permanent Division

With a vibrant background as an Executive Assistant, international events planner, and business owner, Jacquie provides a fresh approach to recruitment. Her practical attitude and real-world experience enable her to offer insightful advice to both companies and candidates, underpinning her guidance with applied experience.

Jacquie specialises in identifying top-tier support and operational talent for dynamic companies within the investment, technology, and professional services sectors. She is passionate about building personal relationships, understanding the unique needs of her clients, and delivering results. She firmly believes that building and nurturing these relationships is the cornerstone of successful recruitment.

Jacquie's in-depth industry knowledge and extensive experience empower her to connect clients with their ideal candidates across a range of key roles including Chief of Staff, Director of Operations, Executive Assistant, and HR Manager. She understands that the perfect match transcends skills and qualifications; it’s also about finding the candidate who seamlessly fits within your organisation's culture and vision.

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