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A Career Pathway for Business Support: Essential, not an Afterthought

By Jacquie Lewis  • 

📊 Fascinating Fact: Did you know that 44% of individuals would accept a 5-10% pay cut for a job that promises more opportunities for advancement and/or a healthier work-life balance? 

Our annual candidate survey echoes this sentiment. The top three motivators for people seeking a new role are:

A higher salary

Greater opportunities

Improved work-life balance

It's truly surprising how frequently we encounter candidates contemplating leaving a company they like simply because they see no room for growth, often resulting in job changes every 12 to 18 months. 

Conversely, employers highly value a candidate's long tenure at a company, as reflected in their CV. 

This highlights a fundamental misalignment. If companies want to retain their talent, they need to start viewing administrative support as a critical business function and invest in their career progression, just as they would for other team members. 

Does your company have a structured career progression plan for administrative support staff? We'd love to hear about it!

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